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Peaceful country homes surrounded by picturesque countryside

Welcome to New Tecumseth & Adjala

Peaceful country homes surrounded by picturesque countryside
Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? In the rural parts of New Tecumseth and Adjala, you can enjoy a peaceful setting with great views as far as the eye can see. While the vast majority of Adjala is countryside, it has several small villages. New Tecumseth consists of multiple small towns in the province of Ontario. Beeton and Alliston are a short commute away.
The rural section of New Tecumseth has peaceful scenery secluded from tourist areas and city life. The beautiful country-style homes include acreages large enough for farming or keeping livestock. The countryside of New Tecumseth gives people an opportunity to enjoy a calming rural area without having to totally sacrifice city life. Between the picturesque views and naturally calming nature, it is an ideal landing spot to build a soothing homelife.

What to Love

  • Close to Beeton, Alliston, and Tottenham 
  • Fast access to Toronto
  • Luxurious country-style homes with large land lots
  • Picturesque countryside


Local Lifestyle

The lifestyle in New Tecumseth and Adjala is quiet and peaceful. Farming is a common activity in the area, which leads to an abundance of fresh produce at the local farmer’s markets. Currently, New Tecumseth is home to over 46,000 acres of farmland. Residents in New Tecumseth and Adjala enjoy large estates and countryside. New Tecumseth is made up of three urban centers, Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Banting Heritage Park is the birth site of Sir Frederick Banting. He received the Nobel Prize for Medicine. He was the co-discoverer of insulin. Future generations of his family worked his farmstead until 1998. All 107-acres of the property are restored to their historic and natural beauty. The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation continues to provide education to youth and adults about the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Banting’s annual symposium brings healthcare providers and educators from around the country to discuss new treatments and research.
The Trans Canada Trail connects the surrounding wooded area and the Tottenham Conservation Area to New Tecumseth and Simcoe County. The trail is accessible for walking, biking, and horseback riding. In the winter, it is groomed for skiing. Currently, it is 16 kilometers long and another 10 kilometers is being built.

Things to Do

In Adjala, the Sheldon Creek Dairy farm sells an array of different dairy products, including A1 protein-free milk. They regularly test their cows to ensure they are only producing the A2 protein, which is more digestible for those with lactose intolerances or other digestive issues with dairy. All their dairy products are produced and bottled on-site. Visitors can book a tour to see the land in its entirety, learn about modern milking practices, and there is a play area for kids to enjoy.
The Laurenwood Farm is equipped with trails, streams, and a petting zoo. It is a fun family-orientated area for safe outdoor activities. Laurenwood Farm also has a bed and breakfast where guests can stay in a loft or in their own private cabin.
The Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre has an outdoor ice rink where residents spend their winters ice skating and playing Shinny. Shinny is an informal game of hockey. Anyone in the community can participate and it serves as a fun way for the community to bond. Families fill the rink with fun and laughter while ice skating.
During the summer, children and their families swim at the Alliston Rotary Pool. Lifeguards are on duty and there is a separate area for the littlest swimmers. Alliston Rotary Pool teaches Canadian Red Cross swimming lessons for children starting at four months of age.




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